Great acting scenes are ones where you can fight to win your moment-to-moment objectives all the while allowing yourself to be changed by the end of the scene.
If you can identify the current state of your character at the start of the scene, and see the transition to its opposite by the end, it’s a strong scene. It may be less dramatic, but it will certainly be more engaging.
The viewer must know the who, what, where, when & why, but still, the scene should not be exposition and information heavy. 
The clarity of the situation and setting can be realized in the moment before/opening image or in a single line of dialogue.
As soon as possible, shift onto the character pursuing their wants. Focus your thoughts on the actions to pursue the objectives – the more, the better!
Avoid overly dramatic, climactic scenes. Rather, than looking super high stakes or a wash of emotions, choose a scene where your character has a problem or conflict.
This is the pulse of the scene, because ultimately, the viewer wants to see your character be changed. So…
Looking for new material? Or don’t want to go through the all the above legwork?
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